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PRHOW: Professional Publicity

Pricing & ROI

The Return of Investment (ROI) provided by PRHOW is much higher than any other service or advertising solution. This is made possible by years of Public Relations experience, platform optimization and capable staff that want to help you achieve your goals.

The Performance of PR

We consider each task seriously, especially the standard tasks which we excel at such as PR Distribution, Micro Site building, Banner Placement and others. For each of these tasks, we plan, concieve in the mind and execute strategies to deliver the most output and performance for our respective clients.

At PRHOW, we consider our clients as a crucial part of our business, we consider them as partners, shareholders. We know that if our clients would be successful, we would be successful even more. We believe in return business.

We believe in the marketing, publicity and advertising compaigns we run for our clients and try to overachieve each time to create the highest return on investment possible. Thus we offer rather permanent or long-lasting solutions. For example our PR Distribution packages are quite effective both in the short and long-run since they lead to organic and editorial placements, new links to your website, and continious, additional perpetual traffic to your business.

PRHOW: Self-Serve PRAdvantages of PR How : ROI

The PRHOW Packages provides the highest returns of investment; i.e. bang for the buck for your campaign. This is made possible by sharing knowledge and work with our clients, thus making the most professional PR affordable and reachable for designers, artists and architects, and also a good catch for the enterprises.

Terms & Conditions - Simplified

Once you order one of the PR and publicity packages, the fee is non-refundable, therefore if you wonder if the above mentioned packages would work for you, we are happy to give free advice, simply contact us in advance before your purchase. Read Full Terms here.