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PRHOW: Professional Publicity

Why PR How?

PRHOW creates value for designers, artists and architects by getting their news to the right places; inboxes of media editors, search results of design enthusiasts and buyers. For designers, artists and architects, PRHOW offers several standardized services such as Press Release Distribution, PPC Campaigns, Design Banners and Newsletter Placement. PRHOW creates value for design oriented businesses, design event organizers and design schools by connecting them with their audiences. PRHOW offers several advanced PR Services for editorial placement, landing page creation, social networking and conversion rate optimization.

PR HOW Value Propositions

Unique in Public Relations and Press Release market, PRHOW is the only PR Agency that offers ready to buy, ready to use PR Packages to create visibility, publicity and exposure with a fast, cost effective manner. For the first time an open approach has been undertaken without price differentiation based on clients. Again, for the first time professional PR Services are offered at an affordable cost and made available for not only companies, but especially micro-enterprises, designers, artists and architects.

PRHOW Works with both the designers, and also larger companies which we call as Enterprises. Designers, Artists and Architects use PRHOW to reach media-editors to provide them a larger exposure. Our enterprise customers have design as an important part in their business models, they are: Design Oriented Product Manufacturers, Tradefairs for Arts, Architecture and Design, Design Competitions, Design Awards, Design Accolades and Design Contests, Design Conferences and Design Conventions, Design Schools and Art Galleries, and other design oriented businesses who use PRHOW to reach their target audiences: Designers, Artists and Architects. Since PRHOW is the perfect bridge between design producers and design consumers, we provide a service that is inclusive, effective and efficient.

PRHOW: Self-Serve PRAdvantages of PR How

The biggest advantage of PRHOW is the ready-made PR packages that were designed for design professionals who have little or no expertise in Public Relations management. This gives an ability to our prospective clients to both learn their PR needs and also lets them see and compare the PR packages in advance.

Terms & Conditions - Simplified

Once you order one of the PR and publicity packages, the fee is non-refundable, therefore if you wonder if the above mentioned packages would work for you, we are happy to give free advice, simply contact us in advance before your purchase. Read Full Terms here.